Easy Grader provides the fastest way to grade assignments

Easy Grader is an AI-powered grading assistant that provides high-quality, specific, accurate writing feedback for students and instructors. Writing is a process. Easy Grader helps students perfect assignments before submission and shoot for the best grade possible. The application reviews assignments for errors and provides feedback to help students shoot for the best grade possible.

Educators appreciate the Easy Grader's attention to detail and ability to quickly identify errors, AI, and plagiarism. There has never been a better and faster way to grade assignments. Simply upload assignments to Easy Gader, and in a matter of minutes, you will have a comprehensive grading report. Easy Grader integrates with many popular LMS systems. It is time to put grading on autopilot, so teachers can focus on more quality time engaging with students.


Easy Grader offers writing feedback that is based on a variety of grading rubrics. Users can define rubrics or use standard template rubrics included in our application. Grading feedback reports expedite the grading process, help students identify areas of improvement, and provide an estimated grade based on specific grading criteria in the rubric.


Easy Grader provides detailed error reports including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors found in an essay. Error reports help speed up grading times by highlighting errors made in the writing assignment. The error report provides an error report available to instructors and students.


The Easy Grader summary feature helps to summarize written assignments in a brief report. The Easy Grader application provides concise assignment summarization including the most important information and includes spelling and grammar; word choice, style, vocabulary, and formatting; APA, MLA, etc.

Plagiarism Detection/ AI Detector

The Easy Grader Plagiarism/AI detector feature provides instructors with the ability to identify plagiarism and AI in essays, writing assignments, capstone assignments, thesis, and dissertation papers. Educators must be able to detect if essays are being plagiarized, written, or written with the assistance of AI.